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New Website

009.Textiles new website is up and running! Make sure to check it out to see all the great products we have to offer such as fabric, cushions and furniture to bring style to your home or business. Click here to visit the website.

Chalkboard Walls

Check out these great images of Chalkboard walls I found on the blog Strawberry Chic. I love this trend and think its a wonderful idea! But is it always functional?

My favorite would have to be the kitchen and dining room images. I especially like the flower detail drawn on the dividing wall in image 7. But what about the bedroom? It looks cute and stylish but is it livable? I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't want all that dust in my bedroom where I sleep. 

Chalkboard walls seem great especially for restaurants where the menu is constantly changing but in the home it could be a disaster. 

What does everyone else think? Do you like this trend?