Kelly Who?

Kelly Who? Kelly Wearstler!

I was so excited to discover today that celebrity interior designer Kelly Wearstler has started her own blog! How amazing. I love Kelly's style with her eclectic mix of furniture with bold and colourful patterns. Who wouldn't? 

Although her blog is fairly new with only a few posts she has already filled it with inspirational images that are definately worth a look. Such as this one as seen below. To check out her blog for yourself click here! Happy blogging!


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Liven Up Your Coffee Table

Liven up your coffee table with this lovely book from Ikea called SY - Love for Textiles. I realize sometimes Ikea gets a bad rep but its all about inspiration here. So why not check it out? Spring is coming and its time to get ready to add some new and vibrant prints into the home.
"This is not a book to read. It's a book to touch, to browse, to be inspired by and enthused about. Because textiles arent about sharp scissors and awkward sewing machines. They're about creative desire. So stop reading and step inside our textile world."
It's a beautifully bound hardcover consisting of 180 pages filled with inspirational photographs, tips and tricks to make your dreams a reality. And if fabric from Ikea isnt your thing, well then get inspired by the images but substitute the prints with some fabric by your favorite designer? 009. perhaps?

What are some of your home decor dreams for the coming spring?


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Underfull Tablecloth By: Kristine Bjaadal

All photos courtesy of Kristine Bjaadal

Today im writing about an everyday object thats just a little out of the ordinary. I dont know about you but I like things that are unique, conversation starters, things people see and then stop to look at just a little bit longer.

The Underfull tablecloth by Kristine Bjaadal from Norway is definately one of those objects. A beautiful tablecloth that at first appears to be just a standard white floral damask transforms to reveal a beautiful pattern with every slip of the hand.

The idea is that some stains such as red wine or grape juice are hard to clean and can often leave traces of colour on the fabric even after several washes. With the Underfull tablecloth instead of throwing it away you can continue to use it as the traces of colour will have formed a pale pattern that will continue to grow over time.

This tablecloth has gained significant recognition since Kristine first introduced the prototype to the design world and has been awarded several awards including the prestigious Blueprint Award at 100% Design London for Best Use of Material.

Check out the video to see it in action:

Underfull - the tablecloth that turns spilling into poetry from Kristine Bjaadal on Vimeo.
How cool is this? Imagine having this on the table during the holidays. What does everyone think? I know I can remember quite a few Thanksgivings when this tablecloth would have been great to have on the table. Can you?

Visit some of Kristines upcoming shows:
  • 100% Norway at the Norwegian Centre for Design & Architecture Jan 20th - Mar 6th 2011
  • Norway Now at the Clairon Sign Hotel in Stockholm Feb 7th - 13th 2011
  • Designboom Mart at the Stockholm Furniture Fair Feb 8th -12th 2011
To find out more information or view more of Kristine Bjaadal's work check out her website here!