New Website

009.Textiles new website is up and running! Make sure to check it out to see all the great products we have to offer such as fabric, cushions and furniture to bring style to your home or business. Click here to visit the website.

Chalkboard Walls

Check out these great images of Chalkboard walls I found on the blog Strawberry Chic. I love this trend and think its a wonderful idea! But is it always functional?

My favorite would have to be the kitchen and dining room images. I especially like the flower detail drawn on the dividing wall in image 7. But what about the bedroom? It looks cute and stylish but is it livable? I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't want all that dust in my bedroom where I sleep. 

Chalkboard walls seem great especially for restaurants where the menu is constantly changing but in the home it could be a disaster. 

What does everyone else think? Do you like this trend?  


Wedding Season Is Here

Wedding season is finally here and to get everyone in the festive wedding mood I have decided to feature one of my favorite blogs 100 Layer Cake. This is a creative collaboration between three friends and designers Jillian, Kristina, and Amanda.

Check out their blog for some great DIY inspiration featuring fabric and textiles. Here are a few of my favorites.

Beautiful Fabric Flowers

Vintage Wallpaper Details

Recycled Vases, Jars and Pots

And last but not least, to stay true to our roots why not sew yourself a Garter Belt using an infamous Liberty of London's Scarf. This is probably one of my favorites.

Fun Fact: 009. Fabric is sold in the fabric showroom at Liberty's of London.

What does everyone think of these DIY projects? Would you try them? Or perhaps you have some other favorites. If you do please make sure to share!

Pinha Lamp by Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer

To get back into the swing of things I want to introduce everyone to this really cool lamp. It was designed by my professor at school, Shay Alkalay and his partner Yael Mer who own Raw Edges Design Studio. The lamp has been chosen as a finalist along with several other design for the Bright Ideas Competition, sponsored by Philips.

The lamp produces a playful approach to lighting through allowing the owner or designer to customize the light over time through removing and changing the shade. The outer fixture is made of cork to which a printed paper shade can be fastened. If you ever get tired of the design you can easily switch out the design for new colours, patterns and prints. And the cork is environmentally friendly!

Make sure to go to the Competition Website to vote on your favorite design.