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New Website

009.Textiles new website is up and running! Make sure to check it out to see all the great products we have to offer such as fabric, cushions and furniture to bring style to your home or business. Click here to visit the website.

Chalkboard Walls

Check out these great images of Chalkboard walls I found on the blog Strawberry Chic. I love this trend and think its a wonderful idea! But is it always functional?

My favorite would have to be the kitchen and dining room images. I especially like the flower detail drawn on the dividing wall in image 7. But what about the bedroom? It looks cute and stylish but is it livable? I don't know about anyone else but I wouldn't want all that dust in my bedroom where I sleep. 

Chalkboard walls seem great especially for restaurants where the menu is constantly changing but in the home it could be a disaster. 

What does everyone else think? Do you like this trend?  


Wedding Season Is Here

Wedding season is finally here and to get everyone in the festive wedding mood I have decided to feature one of my favorite blogs 100 Layer Cake. This is a creative collaboration between three friends and designers Jillian, Kristina, and Amanda.

Check out their blog for some great DIY inspiration featuring fabric and textiles. Here are a few of my favorites.

Beautiful Fabric Flowers

Vintage Wallpaper Details

Recycled Vases, Jars and Pots

And last but not least, to stay true to our roots why not sew yourself a Garter Belt using an infamous Liberty of London's Scarf. This is probably one of my favorites.

Fun Fact: 009. Fabric is sold in the fabric showroom at Liberty's of London.

What does everyone think of these DIY projects? Would you try them? Or perhaps you have some other favorites. If you do please make sure to share!

Pinha Lamp by Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer

To get back into the swing of things I want to introduce everyone to this really cool lamp. It was designed by my professor at school, Shay Alkalay and his partner Yael Mer who own Raw Edges Design Studio. The lamp has been chosen as a finalist along with several other design for the Bright Ideas Competition, sponsored by Philips.

The lamp produces a playful approach to lighting through allowing the owner or designer to customize the light over time through removing and changing the shade. The outer fixture is made of cork to which a printed paper shade can be fastened. If you ever get tired of the design you can easily switch out the design for new colours, patterns and prints. And the cork is environmentally friendly!

Make sure to go to the Competition Website to vote on your favorite design.


Cushion of the Week - #2

Its time for the Cushion of the Week. Check out this beautiful hand woven cushion by Sukan on Etsy.

All of the pillows are covered with an antique Kilim, a kind of rug made from wool and colored with natural dyes. The design above is one of my favorites on the site, consisting of Anatolian and Middle Eastern Patterns. I love the vibrant colours mixed with the traditional print.

Each cushion is unique so this is a great shop to check out if you are a sucker for one of a kind goods as I am. Click here to check it out and see all the designs for yourself.


Cushion of the Week

I must admit I've been meaning to start this little weekly cushion showcase for quite some time now but always seem to get busy and loose my place. But today I have said no more excuses! So here it is...my first pick for cushion of the week on 009.Style.

Areaware Pico Ostrich Pillow from Velocity - $28
Made from organic cotton and measures 11"x7"x2"

Not only is the graphic print beautiful, so is the price!


TEDTalks: War Horse Puppetry

Im a huge fan of TEDTalks, a website providing talks by top professionals in a variety of industries across the globe.

When I saw this post I just had to add it on the blog. In this video The Handspring Puppet Company talks about the genius puppetry behind War Horse a play that has become world renowned for its use of materials and textiles to create a beautiful life size horse. Check it out. Here is a link if you prefer to go to the actual website.


We Love Marimekko

We Love Marimekko - Check out this post on Chute Gerdemans Blog. Marimekko is opening a new store in Manhattan and planning on expanding their US market. Now it will be easier to get our hands on the beautiful bold fashion and home accessories we love!


My Favorite Spring Finds - Week One

Striped Garden Hose
25' Kink resistant w/striped handles

Striped Garden Tools

Melamine Salad Serving Set - Floral Series
$15.00 for set of Two

Goldfish Garbage Bags
Biodegradable 16ct.

Picnic Backpack Set
Service for 4

Check out some of my favorite Spring Finds from the website Seltzer Studios. I happened across them today and became intrigued by their fun and unique items.

They sell everything from outdoor household items to silver serving spoons and table linens. Each piece is beautiful, fun and unique. Its a great place to go and find some great gift ideas.

Right now they are hosting their Spring Sale so I decided to go through and pick out some of my favorite items for you to check out. To see all of their items and get ready for spring click here!

Make sure to check back next week as ill be introducing some more of my favorite Spring Items for the season! And if you see anything you're loving this spring season make sure to post it and share! Ill make sure to include it on my list!


Wieden + Kennedy Help Japan Poster

(Photos and Information as seen on Dezeen)

Mark Erdenberger of Wieden + Kennedy has designed this screen printed poster to aid disaster relief following the earthquake and tsunami that wrecked havoc on Japan last week.

The single colour screen printed poster is available through the Wieden + Kennedy Online Shop in exchange for a small donation. 100% of the proceeds goes toward the disaster relief efforts in Japan.

To make your donation and get your hand screen printed poster click here...please be generous!


Kiwi & Pom Printed Tables

I absolutely adore these printed tables by the london based design company Kiwi & Pom. When thinking about prints &patterns its sometimes hard to think outside fabric and upholstery etc. But when applied to tables prints & patterns can also be beautiful. Plus its a nice compromise if you're not crazy about table cloths. Who knew?

I would love one of these for my kitchen table. How about you? Does anyone else know of some nice printed tables? Click here to check out more of Kiwi & Pom


It's Tea Time

Im in love with these beautiful printed teacups. A must for any design savy fahionista looking for a way to add some character to the kitchen. {Bright Morning Teacups} $128.00 for set of four Anthropologie.com

Don't hide them away in the cupboard either. They're way too beautiful. Why not try installing some open shelves and display them in all their glory? Here's an idea to get your creative juices flowing...

To find brackets such as these seen in Country Living, look at your local architectural salvage yard. Beautiful reclaimed brackets from old buildings range anywhere from $65.00 to $150.00 for a pair and help to add character to your design. The only other materials you need are some mounting materials and a piece of plywood or a butchers block to lay across.


Kelly Who?

Kelly Who? Kelly Wearstler!

I was so excited to discover today that celebrity interior designer Kelly Wearstler has started her own blog! How amazing. I love Kelly's style with her eclectic mix of furniture with bold and colourful patterns. Who wouldn't? 

Although her blog is fairly new with only a few posts she has already filled it with inspirational images that are definately worth a look. Such as this one as seen below. To check out her blog for yourself click here! Happy blogging!


009. Textiles featured on the designers block: The Devil's In The Detail

designers block: The Devil's In The Detail: "I received the most exquisite envelope the other day, it was hand printed paper folded to make an envelope. Inside was a soft silk fabric s..."

sub-studio design blog: Claire Cole - Embroidered Wallpapers

sub-studio design blog: Claire Cole - Embroidered Wallpapers: "Claire Cole's couture embroidered wallpapers are works of art in and of themselves (my favorite is the Paris wallpaper). Fragments of hand..."


Liven Up Your Coffee Table

Liven up your coffee table with this lovely book from Ikea called SY - Love for Textiles. I realize sometimes Ikea gets a bad rep but its all about inspiration here. So why not check it out? Spring is coming and its time to get ready to add some new and vibrant prints into the home.
"This is not a book to read. It's a book to touch, to browse, to be inspired by and enthused about. Because textiles arent about sharp scissors and awkward sewing machines. They're about creative desire. So stop reading and step inside our textile world."
It's a beautifully bound hardcover consisting of 180 pages filled with inspirational photographs, tips and tricks to make your dreams a reality. And if fabric from Ikea isnt your thing, well then get inspired by the images but substitute the prints with some fabric by your favorite designer? 009. perhaps?

What are some of your home decor dreams for the coming spring?


sub-studio design blog: Hommin - Sketch Lamp

sub-studio design blog: Hommin - Sketch Lamp: "I featured Hommin's Favorite Things lamp yesterday, but wanted to share one other project with you - the Sketch Lamp, which is both a lamp..."


Underfull Tablecloth By: Kristine Bjaadal

All photos courtesy of Kristine Bjaadal

Today im writing about an everyday object thats just a little out of the ordinary. I dont know about you but I like things that are unique, conversation starters, things people see and then stop to look at just a little bit longer.

The Underfull tablecloth by Kristine Bjaadal from Norway is definately one of those objects. A beautiful tablecloth that at first appears to be just a standard white floral damask transforms to reveal a beautiful pattern with every slip of the hand.

The idea is that some stains such as red wine or grape juice are hard to clean and can often leave traces of colour on the fabric even after several washes. With the Underfull tablecloth instead of throwing it away you can continue to use it as the traces of colour will have formed a pale pattern that will continue to grow over time.

This tablecloth has gained significant recognition since Kristine first introduced the prototype to the design world and has been awarded several awards including the prestigious Blueprint Award at 100% Design London for Best Use of Material.

Check out the video to see it in action:

Underfull - the tablecloth that turns spilling into poetry from Kristine Bjaadal on Vimeo.
How cool is this? Imagine having this on the table during the holidays. What does everyone think? I know I can remember quite a few Thanksgivings when this tablecloth would have been great to have on the table. Can you?

Visit some of Kristines upcoming shows:
  • 100% Norway at the Norwegian Centre for Design & Architecture Jan 20th - Mar 6th 2011
  • Norway Now at the Clairon Sign Hotel in Stockholm Feb 7th - 13th 2011
  • Designboom Mart at the Stockholm Furniture Fair Feb 8th -12th 2011
To find out more information or view more of Kristine Bjaadal's work check out her website here!



I want to introduce everyone to this really cool website I stumbled across while searching the web, its called - Envelop!Envelop was born out of a profound love for textiles and a profound love for graphics.

Envelop is an online print-on-demand platform where illustrators can create, promote and sell high quality cotton items to textile lovers throughout the globe.

"Blooms" by Squirrel from Tonbridge GB

"Triangles" by Stephanie Says from Edinburgh GB

Every design uploaded to the site is reviewed by Envelop technically and content-wise for approval before being posted to the website.
"Stripes" by Muovo from Helsinki FI

There is not real physical stock. Every single order is printed on cloth and assembled in Belgium using an eco friendly process.
"Heart" by Philuko from Karlsruhe DE "MultiWidow" by Luigi Console from Ostuni IT

Each product comes with a unique label featuring the designers as well as the receivers info.
"Herbarium N2" by Anasstasia Elias from Paris FR

Envelop prints on a variety of items for your home or everyday lifestyle:
  • Aprons
  • Napkins
  • Oven gloves
  • Cushion Covers
  • Place mats
  • Pot holders
  • Table Runners
  • Tote Bags
  • All the prices on there website are very reasonable being listed in both Euros and Dollars. And perhaps the best thing is Envelop has FREE international shipping! Visit there website to check out all the designs they have to offer. Visit Envelop



    Hey Everyone! I just found this wonderful new company called REcreate and I'm really excited about it. REcreate specializes in Interior Design and extraordinary recycled furniture. The company was established back in 2009 by Katie Thompson. Based out of South Africa, Katie pays homage to the culture by blending South African craftsmanship with high end finishes and her own eclectic flair to create fun and unique statement pieces for interiors. Here's some of her work.

    The Suitcase Chair

    Milk Pail Stools

    Hat Box Ottoman

    To find out more about her furniture, home accessories and interior design service Visit Katie Thompsons web page


    Swatch Page from House & Garden

    copyright 2011 House & Garden Magazine

    So I've finally just recieved the swatch page from the February 2011 issue off House & Garden showing 009 Textiles Leopard Pansy print front and center.

    I must say I love this layout. It works beautifully as a page. From an interior design point I would love to create a material board resembling this. I just love the depth from the shadowing giving it both depth and space.


    INKED - Tattoo Inspired Textiles for the Home

    I recently saw a small section about tattoo inspired textiles becoming trendy for the home so Ive compiled a few items that can be used as accents in the home to get in on this trend without making major changes. Let me know what you think and enjoy! 1. Love & Hate cushions by Sacred Stitches. Sacred Stitches make customised tattoo inspired cushions, original artwork, accessories and gifts.
    2. Flash Tattoo Sheet Set 100% cotton sateen from Sin in Linen specializing in tattoo and pin-up inspired home goods.
    Full Sheet Set - $99.00 @ http://www.sininlinen.com/
    3. True Love Tattoo Cushion by Dollydripp based out of Reading, UK. Prices vary upon currency.
    4. Heart and Birds cushion from Fine Cell Work. 13"x16" embroidery on linen.
    5. Koi Tile from ModWalls, making tile modern. Visit the website for other styles and designs.
    6. Tattoo Design Cushion also from Fine Cell Work. 14"x14" needlepoint.


    009.Textiles Featured in House & Garden

    009. Textiles is excited to inform everyone that our print Leopard Pansy has been featured in the February 2011 issue of House & Garden magazine currently on newstands. If you would like to request a sample of this beautiful fabric dont hesitate to contact the studio to see how we can make it work for your next design project. Not only does it come in the black and white which was featured in the magazine it is also availabile in purple and yellow!


    A New Year = A New Adventure

    Welcome! With a new year comes new adventures and an anticipation of good things to come. I had been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time just never got around to it. So when Emilie O'Conner of 009.textiles asked me to start a blog for her company I was quick to say yes.

    009.textiles is a fabric design company owned and operated by Emilie O'Conner from her studio in West London. Upon completing an internship with Emilie in July of 2010 I had developed a strong love for fabrics and the process it takes to complete a design from concept to finish. It truly is an incredible experience.

    Having my degree in Interior Design I was taught to be familiar with flooring, fabrics and wallpaper but never really thought much of the design process behind them, always looking at the finished products instead and how I could best use them in a space.

    This blog is dedicated to the design, production and love that goes into producing fabric. Over the course of the next year I will post anything and everything to do with fabric - pictures, prints, and trends and even ways to apply them to your everyday life in the hopes it will inspire you.

    Heres to a New Year, New Adventures and New Designs!