INKED - Tattoo Inspired Textiles for the Home

I recently saw a small section about tattoo inspired textiles becoming trendy for the home so Ive compiled a few items that can be used as accents in the home to get in on this trend without making major changes. Let me know what you think and enjoy! 1. Love & Hate cushions by Sacred Stitches. Sacred Stitches make customised tattoo inspired cushions, original artwork, accessories and gifts.
2. Flash Tattoo Sheet Set 100% cotton sateen from Sin in Linen specializing in tattoo and pin-up inspired home goods.
Full Sheet Set - $99.00 @ http://www.sininlinen.com/
3. True Love Tattoo Cushion by Dollydripp based out of Reading, UK. Prices vary upon currency.
4. Heart and Birds cushion from Fine Cell Work. 13"x16" embroidery on linen.
5. Koi Tile from ModWalls, making tile modern. Visit the website for other styles and designs.
6. Tattoo Design Cushion also from Fine Cell Work. 14"x14" needlepoint.

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